Special Events

Every month we get about 5-10 charities that would like our booth at their event. All these causes have been amazing and we so wish we could sponsor each and every one but the reality is that we just can’t do it. We feel horrible when we have to turn them down so last week we sat down and tried to figure out a solution to the problem because we want to support our community as much as possible.

Our conclusion was to create a package specifically for charities and fundraising events with very small budgets. So while these packages might be cheap you will still get the same great service from us.

There are a few little restrictions involved which are:

Here are the details on pricing

  • 100 person event or less $50/hour + $100 base fee
  • 100 – 200 person event $55/hour + $100 base fee
  • 200 – 300 person event $60/hour + $100 base fee

  • 300 + $ please contact

  • From our experience most booths are for 2 hours and are for groups of 100 or less so the majority of charities can get the booth for $200 for two hours!!

Here's what you get

  • - ONE super sexy and sleek photobooth
  • - Minimum ONE booth attendant dressed to impress

  • - ONE standard backdrop

  • - ONE custom logo template
  • - ONE print of each photo taken for your guest to take home
  • - FACEBOOK gallery where guests can download images for free as many times as they like
  • - Standard props
Does this sound like something you would like at your next event?
Please email us at booking@ohsnapvegas.com so we can get chatting!